Working Adults: What to Expect When Going to College by Senior Enrollment Representative Courtney Walker

For a working adult, going back to school can be a big step. You know that it will be challenging, but you are not too sure what you should really expect. Once you get into class and reality sets in, you start to realize that you will need to put in a good amount of time to ensure your success. You see the homework assignments and readings required you began to wonder if it is too much.  A common question that I have heard from students is “I work full-time and the Professor wants me to do what”. And then people go on to say,  “I am already working 8-10 hours a day, I take care of my kids, and/or I have other responsibilities to take care of.  My load is already full and adding school to it made my load even bigger. I want to continue my education, but do I really have to do so much work? Does the professor really expect me to read four chapters, a paper and complete a group assignment within a week?”
The answer is yes; yes you are required to still put in the same amount of time and effort as any other student in college because you are a College Student!  College is not meant to be easy; if it was, everyone would be in school. It is going to be hard, time-consuming and at times it may even seem overwhelming, but it is not impossible.  In situations like this, I would encourage people to think about what he or she would tell their children if they were in school and played sports. As a parent you would still expect them to get their school work done and pass the class. Well as an adult student you are no different; you are still expected to get all the work done that has been assigned to you along with your other responsibilities.  It is time to stop making excuses for yourself, buckle down and take the time needed to get your work done.  Manage your time wisely; when I thought about going back to school to obtain my Master degree I completed a time management worksheet. This worksheet had me write down what my typical week looked like from the time I woke up until I went to sleep. This exercise helped me realize areas of opportunity that I could use to get my school work completed. Read the “Time Management” blog for some more helpful tips on time management.
Once you get your time management under control you will be able to handle all that you have going on!

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