The Bigger Picture by Tyrus Smith, Enrollment Representative

In this fast paced society of endless distractions it is easy to become side-tracked, frustrated and “in our feelings”. I have found that attitudes and perceptions can significantly help cope with a lot of this madness. Practically all of us have witnessed or been directly involved in a situation we consider to be pure nonsense. For example, in the grocery store when someone has their shopping basket in the middle of the isle rather than the side of the isle their shopping on or when people allow their children to run around a store as if they were on a playground. Another example is when people do not drive the speed limit and insist on riding the fast lane. Do you ever wonder what is going on in their minds or if they are aware or even care? Better yet, do you fit the description of the culprit in any of these situations? The point I am arriving at is that the majority of people have a reason for doing what they do the way they do it and that reason makes sense to them, even if we don’t understand or agree with it. Regardless of the choices others make around us, we possess the ability to control how we react to those situations. With that in mind, we ALL experience challenges every day. Although it’s easier said than done, we have the power to control our attitude and perception about life’s challenges. I mean, what are us adults without control aside from grown children wanting things our way then throwing grown fits when it doesn’t happen? Does having a less than positive attitude ever helped you achieve your goals or make your day go better?

My attitude and perception about life’s challenges is that you might as well have fun doing it. Whatever you do in life, there is no reason why you can’t have fun with it. Although I find myself “in my feelings” some days I try to make a continuous effort to keep it positive and I encourage you to practice the same. For the sake of your health, enjoy life and keep focused on the bigger picture. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Provide a kind word, encourage someone or simply provide a smile if you are too “in your feelings” that you can’t talk. You never know what people are dealing with so try not to always assume the worst. Remember, a situation can always be worse than it is. And lastly, be thankful for what you have and work towards the future you want rather than just talking about it.


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